Small Modular Kitchen in Ahmadabad

Align Modular Kitchen

Align Modular Kitchens are the Best Modular Kitchen for Small Size Family In this type of Kitchens  standard depth of a kitchen counter-top and the lower cabinets and drawer units should maintain in proper way.A Kitchen Layout Mostly contain 3 parts

1.Cooking Zone

2.Cleaning Zone

3.Storage Zone

Cooking Zone

This area is the most important zone of any kitchen . Appliances such as Hobs, Microwaves, and chimneys can be placed hare. heavy cooking instrument is mainly stored hare

Cleaning Zone

In This Zone we Consider Sink and Under sink Area. it also contain dustbin with selective waste separate for Dry and Wet is specially  maintained in the way that it should be hygienic 

Storage Zone

this zone is used for main food storage.this area contain kitchen pantry cabinet and refrigerators

Kitchen Counertop

Choosing the Kitchen Counter-top material is totally depends on Customer .you can choose from lots of Stainless steel material, granite ,Solid steel, Marble Material for counter-top .their are lot of design, finishing and lighting available in for Counter-top

Kitchen Flooring

The Best Modular Kitchen Flooring should be resistance of acids and chemical. The best flooring of kitchen are Teerajo, marble slave, kota stone and Ceramic Tiles

Kitchen Ligthing

A Modular kitchen is Part of Direct or Indirect Lighting .this type of Lighting if comes from right direction the kitchen look will be change

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